When Kathy and Don Gibson’s nine-year-old, mint condition home wasn’t selling, their realtor knew the house needed a visual jumpstart. Rich Interiors was able to quickly diagnose the problem: the décor didn’t highlight the high ceilings, open floor plan or the architecture highlights. Jackie asked for a budget. Upon getting it approved, she was able to help the unsold home shine. So much so, the Gibsons took the home off the market for a brief period because they loved it so much! After a few months, the house was re-listed and sold.

The couple then decided to purchase a newly constructed patio home in Louisville. They asked for Rich Interiors help in the selection process, and Rich Interiors managed the project while the couple vacationed in their Florida home. Over weekly phone and Skype chats, Rich Interiors seamlessly completed the work. Impressed with the outcome, the general contractor thought the home was his best work and featured it in an advertisement in Louisville’s nFocus magazine.