Q: I’ve never worked with an interior designer before. Where do I start? When’s the right time to call you in?

A: There’s never a wrong time to start. Think of me (Jackie) as your personal confidant in relation to whatever project you are undertaking. If you need help envisioning how to update an existing space, I can help you brainstorm. If you are building a new space, I can help with some pointers about how to add value, comfort, and function. If you’re in the middle of selecting finishes or furnishings, I can help build a design and furniture plan that fits your lifestyle and tastes. There’s never a wrong time to call!


Q: What if my family doesn’t really have “designer tastes”? We want function and comfort, but it seems like a lot of interior designers can kind of go “over the top”.

A: A lot of interior designers have a signature style that they bring to every project. If you like their style, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I do business differently. I work to understand you, your family, what you like, and what you don’t. I want your home or your business to reflect you and your values. As I understand your specific style, I also like to bring in some surprises – a fixture, a color, or a furnishing that you might never have considered, but that adds that ‘wow factor’ to the room or project.


Q: Every designer has a great portfolio of their best work, and it all looks stunning. What sets Rich Interiors apart from all the interior design firms?

A: Once you meet Jackie, you’ll have the answer to that question. Jackie is like no other interior designer you’ve met with. She’s energetic to a fault, has more ideas than she (or you) can even keep track of, and isn’t afraid to jump in, get dirty, climb, and crawl all over your job site or project plan as she envisions the space. And after you’ve met with her a couple times, you’ll start to see that she cares about exactly one thing and one thing only – your interests.


Q: What if I don’t like your recommendations? How do I say “no”?

A: We make it easy to “say no” – there’s no intimidation, no hard sale, and no pushing from us. We love understanding what doesn’t work for you and your family, as it makes us better advocates for you going forward.


Q: I know that bringing on an interior designer is an investment. How do you charge and how do I control my budget?

A: We believe it is as much our responsibility to be conscious of your budget as it is yours. There’s a really good chance our firm won’t make a profit on the first project we do together, simply because it takes a lot of upfront time and effort to understand you, your family, your style, and your tastes. And if we aren’t good budget stewards, you won’t ask us back to help with your second project. So we take it seriously and work closely with you to only spend what you’re comfortable investing in your space.


Q: All the interior designers I’ve worked with have special or exclusive “lines” of furniture, fixtures, accessories, and all the rest. And while often highly unique, the cost can be prohibitive. How do you help a client stay in budget but still get that ‘wow factor’?

A: Like other designers, I do represent several lines of products that I stand behind. What makes my approach a little different is that my lines span the budget spectrum. When building the design plan for your space, I may recommend several pieces that are incredibly durable but from a very budget friendly manufacturer; and then add some ‘wow factor’ accents that allow the space to really pop.


Q: Is there an interview process or some type of initial meeting where we get to understand your approach better?

A: Yes! The first meeting is all about getting to know each other, understanding your space, and internalizing your goals. And the interview is mutual – I don’t want to “sell you” on Rich Interiors. I want us both to really want to work together, and to want to create an amazing space together.